Company Profile

Parsons Steel Erectors, Inc. has been in business since 1972. We are AISC Certified Fabricators and Erectors. We strive to be the best in our industry and to stay ahead of the trends in quality and safety.

Parsons Steel maintains a steady nucleus of employees and many years of accumulative experience. Our key employees, who started with our company and continue to work with Parsons Steel include:

Charlie Parsons

Joe Parsons
Vice President

Tom Glenn
Vice President

Jim Glenn
Shop Foreman

We have completed over 4000 jobs since December of 1983. Some of the jobs listed below are representative of the projects we have completed that demonstrate our ability to properly plan and execute jobs in our field.

University of Arizona Score Board
D3 Mill and Bucket Elevator
CM7 Mill at Arizona Portland Cement
Lockheed Aero Space Center
Computer Electrical Room at Arizona Portland
University of Arizona Life Science
Tucson Medical Center Parking Garage
VA Hospital
Basement of Down Town Federal Building
Stuart Observatory on Mr. Graham
Marriott Hotel
America West Scoreboards
D3 Roll Removal at Arizona Portland Cement
Fox Theater
Tucson Mall Remodel and Expansion
MLK Apartment Building


Our company has been successful through the years working on fast track and hard to achieve schedules with minimal space and tough working environments. We have performed many jobs working in confined spaces, heights over 100’-0, as well as working “in the blind”. We utilize a preplanned and written erection procedure for all projects. All employees, crane operators, and general contractors are provided with a copy of the procedure and any comments are addressed prior to beginning the project.

When working “in the blind” foreman, supervisors and lead men communicate through a private radio frequency so we don’t interfere with other companies, but more importantly for the safety of our employees. Our employees are trained in OSHA Sub-part R Steel Erection, which assures that every man in the crew has had training in the following: Rigging, Decking, Connecting, and Fall Protection. They are also certified in forklift and mobile equipment. All projects are performed with a 100% Tie Off requirement above six feet.

Current EMOD: .78